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Growing up, I was not allowed to go to sleep away camp. Parental concerns about food, lodging, cleanliness(!), and creepy counselors sunk that idea. I’m over it now (barely), but still have this starry-eyed view of the massive amounts of fun, s’mores, and midnight escapades that I could have gotten up to. (sigh) Luckily, we live in an age where there are camps for grown ups! “Grown up” is such a interesting term, isn’t it? I’m happy to be one — Oh those awkward years!! — but think that having adult status should never equal losing 1. your grasp on fun, 2. using your big “outside” voice, and 3. being curious and open to new things.

With that, here are a couple of “camps” where you can learn, laugh, and as one promotes, “re-ignite your life.” Sounds good to me!

1. Campowerment

Come one, come all! Campowerment wants women to re-discover themselves. Period. And rediscovery takes many, many fun forms: ziplining, archery, art therapy, yoga, meditation and even the opportunity to reinvent your look through their “style bootcamp.” Here’s a personal favorite: ‘Dance your way to Christian Grey in “Get Your Sexy Back” classes.’

And, yes, there will be color war games for those so inclined.

Choose from weekend retreats in idyllic Malibu Beach or a Weekend Woodland Retreat in the Poconos. Find out more about upcoming retreats!

2. Triple R Weekend Retreat

Relax and reboot! This retreat is all about self-care and having fun. Enjoy nature walks, yoga sessions, canoeing, and great workshops on Manifesting Kindness, and Entrepreneurship. Participate to your heart’s content or just come to recharge and connect with a great group of women. This is the brainchild of my dear friend (and mentor), Laurie Peterson. She’s a veteran of print and digital but her “super power” is her passion for connecting women and helping them move the mission (whatever that might be for each person) forward. The site of this event’s inaugural retreat is at Crossroads Camp & Retreat Center in Califon, New Jersey.

Find out more about Triple R Weekend here!

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