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Mindful Leadership Summit



Mindful Leadership Summit – Nov. 3-6, Washington, DC

One of my favorite conferences. Great speakers, great people. This year’s roster includes: Otto Scharmer (a personal favorite), a Senior Lecturer at MIT who co-founded the MITx u.lab, a massive open online course (MOOC) on transformational leadership learning. His “4 Levels of Listening” on YouTube is fantastic. Dr. Dan Siegel, New York Times bestselling author, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine, Founding Co­Director of UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research CenterRose Pavlov, the Founder/President & CEO of Ivy Child International, an international non-profit that develops and facilitates mindfulness based health education programs for underprivileged children and communities across the globe; and many, many other innovative speakers as well. Come with curiosity about compassion and what it takes to be a mindful leader. I guarantee you’ll end up meeting some great folks.

Mindful Leadership Summit


Weekend Warrior at Red Mountain Resort



Time off for self-discovery helps us reset. A week, weekend, day or even half-day works. We get to step out of our daily normal. Explore. Re-think some of our habits. Connect with some amazing people. Probably all of the above. Red Mountain is one of the most comprehensive destination spas out there. Here’s a great weekend package.

Weekend Warrior – Red Mountain Spa Resort, St. Ivins, Utah, Multiple weekend dates in October and November

If you don’t have time for a weeklong getaway, a weekend immersion could be just the thing to help you get back on track. This one includes gorgeous, breath-taking hikes in red rock country; unlimited movement classes (yoga, pilates, etc.); spa treatments and, for the brave ones, some boot-camp classes. Private one-on-one training sessions are also included to figure out a perfect plan for you.

Weekend Warrior

Can’t get away? Maybe a workshop from

Yoga for Stress & Anxiety, Online 6-Week Course at YogaJournal, Oct.17th

This is a new offering from YogaJournal. We all know yoga makes us feel terrific. If we can’t make it to the studio, sometimes a virtual guide can work wonders. Stress might be a part of life, but we don’t have to be defined by it. Learn strategies for coping and thriving in this course.

Yoga For Stress Relief


Insight Timer


There are many meditation apps out there to help you get your practice going. If you feel like you should be able to “go it alone” but somehow you just never get around to it, an app is your friend/gentle task master. Recently I was introduced to one, Insight Timer, through a new friend in Paris. Natasa is also a recent transplant from Madison, WI by way of France, Germany, Serbia … I’m sure I’m missing other places, but you get the picture. Natasa knows about moving and the process of settling in. (Or, shall we call it the agony and the ecstasy!) She has been so incredibly cool to my family – inviting us places and introducing us to her new “tribe” here. One member of the new tribe is Nicho, an Aussie who teamed up with his brother to make Insight Timer an app that goes beyond facilitating meditation — they’re building a vibrant community.

The app lets you know how many people are using the app at that moment, the different downloads members have listened to, and whether they like them or not. Love the interface. It’s all super accessible and easy, with many sessions and instructors to choose from, or you can simply select music that fits your present mood. Most recently, I found myself listening to a great singer chanting (“Wahe Guru!) along to what seemed like mild house music. Perfect. What might you find?

Insight Timer

Weekend in NYC’s Meatpacking


My mother and I recently spent a weekend in New York City. We had not done a mom/daughter weekend in twenty years, so it was beyond overdue. We had a blast! The downtown Whitney was high on our list, so I chose The Standard High Line as our hotel base. I agonized and (like everyone else) spent sleepless nights trolling TripAdvisor reading EVERY review. Some loved it, some … did not. At some point, I just let go and booked it. What I got was AMAZING experience. From the moment we walked in, the staff was on it. Diversity doesn’t even begin to describe the effortlessly cool women and men who work at The Standard, but what unites them all is this: making sure your needs are met — and that you are having a fabulous time. Works for me.

We treated ourselves to the Hudson Suite (see photo above), which was incredible. Yes! Floor to ceiling windows. Sometimes you forget how beautiful and dramatic New York City is. It was hard to pull ourselves from those windows! The lush High Line is also directly below. But pull ourselves away we did and here are some highlights of the weekend:

The Whitney. What can I say? Beautiful location, incredible art, fantastic people watching, great bookstore.

Gansevoort Market. I’ll get to the food experiences at The Standard, but this nearby market (which will move a couple of blocks north to 14th Street) is a treasure trove of SUCH good treats. Sweet or savory, you’ll find it. Super foods? Check! Quinoa bowls? Check! Meatball sandwiches? Check! Bruffins? Don’t ask — just try them!

Yamuna Body Rolling. If you haven’t heard of Yamuna Zake, this is your lucky day. She focuses on “Body Sustainability” and her classes will transform your walk, posture, flexibility … and yes, you will get lean.

The Standard Patio. Perfect place to eat lunch, have a snack, delicious juice or cocktail. Service, food, people watching — all great!

The Standard Grill. Serving all meals, but I like the back room for dinner. Perfect lighting if you like a dark and sublime ambiance – like me. Again, service, food, and people watching great. Are you sensing a theme here?

The Standard High Line

Yoga for Creativity With MaryBeth LaRue


Here’s an online class, brought to you by Yoga Journal, geared towards using yoga as a vehicle to open up your creative energy. Led by Wanderlust Los Angeles yogi MaryBeth LaRue, the mission of this seven-week online class is to take you on a physical, mental, and spiritual journey to deepen your connection to your creative truth. Seven weeks … seven chakras! Each week will address an individual chakra. Also included are weekly meditations, targeted asanas, journal assignments, and intention-setting. I can tell you from personal experience that just doing specific breathing exercises for the throat chakra — associated with your thyroid, the center of listening, communication and creativity — has been amazing for me. Just think of what it will feel like after seven weeks?

Details: Course starts July 11th, 2016; Cost: $250. Find more details here.

Need a little refresher on your chakras? Here’s a helpful guide!



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