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Mission Statement, Hilary Swank’s new line of clothing, is genius. I won’t use the term “Athleisure,” as I think MS is on to something a little different. Yes, you can wear pieces to yoga, work out, the VC meeting, or when you grab that cup of matcha to discuss all of the above. Here’s the thing: you will look chic and feel comfortable. Really. Here’s Swank in her own words, “As part of my design process, I wanted to create elegant clothes that embody and nurture that higher purpose: clothes that allow you to find that perfect balance of movement while working out, in the office, resting or playing.” Need I say more? Oh, they are great for travel! Stand out pieces for me are:

All pieces of the CLOUD line are made from fine gauge jersey with a hint of cashmere. These shirts are perfect layering pieces!

The VA VA VOOM Pants. Napa leather leggings with cut line below the knee for easy movement. Hand washable. Can these be part of my uniform? Love.

The MICRO LIGHT JACKET is wind- and water-resistant with a matte finish and slim cut. Great to wear on the plane or roll it up and throw in your carry-on.

The collection is well-thought out and SO SO SO wearable. I love the energy that Swank and her creative team are putting out there. More please!

Mission Statement


Healthy Travels Survival Kit


When I travel, I never leave without my essentials … my survival kit. Even before the toiletries, I make sure that I have the following products to help me stay healthy on the go:

1. Vitamin C drink – I have used different brands, but my current is still the slender packets from Whole Foods’ 365 line. I typically drink this while on the plane and take extra packets for the rest of my trip. Just pour into a glass of water and you’ll feel like you’re warding off any and all airborne diseases.

2. Travel Matcha Tea — I have written previously about the joys of matcha travel packets. These are from a lovely store in St. Germain, Lupicia. The tin case that holds 10 packets is fantastic.

3. Natural Calm Magnesium drink — Keep stress at bay with these little packets of magic. Pour into a glass of warm or hot water. Bonus: Magnesium also seems to help out with any digestive craziness. (I like the “Original” flavor.)

4. Pana Cacao Dark Chocolate Eighty — I know 80% seems high but this is hands down one of the best dark chocolates out there. Smooth, rich, sweet but not too much. There are treats and then there are treats! for Travel Supplies


This is one of my favorite stores. Ever. When I’m in a MUJI store, I get that same gleam in my eye that my father would get in a serious hardware store. I love to explore every department. And every time I marvel at how such simple design can be so insanely cool AND functional. This is my go-to place for cosmetic travel bottles. Such a selection! Then you’ve got passport holders, neck pillows, cosmetic cases, luggage carts, and so many other things you didn’t even know you were missing out on. Nothing beats the in-store experience, but has everything you need. Happy travels!

NB: For the travel cosmetic bottles, look under “Health/Beauty”. All other travel products are under “Travel Goods”.



This is truly exciting. Wanderfuel is a new company that wants to revolutionize how we eat while traveling. I think it’s pretty safe to say that more often than not, your typical in-flight meal will leave you wanting … and wistful. Wanderfuel wants to change all that. Well-curated (and beautifully designed) boxes are filled with snacks that are delicious, help you feel energized, and are easy on your digestion. Sample goodies you might find in a box are coconut chips, “Raw Gorilla” granola snack packs, chia treats, and mushroom coffee. (Yes, you read that correctly.) So now you have a choice: do you want to land feeling bloated and cranky, or feeling refreshed both inside and out? Did I forget to mention Wanderfuel also has a Refresh & Recharge: Spa Kit as well? What snacks do you usually bring when you travel?


Matcha Tea — Travel Size!


Along with legions of other fans, I look so forward to my morning tea ritual. It’s calming, delicious, and I’m quite certain it makes me a nicer person for my family and the world at large. When I travel, I’m all for embracing newness, being out of my comfort zone, and all of those great unscripted and unexpected moments that can be pure gold. That is except for my morning tea ritual. Teapigs is my go-to for Matcha-on-the-go. Started by two Brits a decade ago, teapigs sells a lovely selection of teas from all over the world. The owners are focused on finding the purest leaves, and on a mission to get people to drink REAL tea again. Also, no pretentious attitudes allowed. They want one and all to discover and revel in the pleasures of drinking REAL tea. But, back to the Matcha. The tea comes in convenient little packets that are perfect for travel. And, although I love my bamboo whisk, they even have a great metal whisk that comes in it’s own case — perfect for travel.


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