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Wanderlust – Multiple Locations


Let’s just call it what it is: a Mecca for mindfulness, community, positivity, exploration, and fun. There is a lot going at Wanderlust. A lot. However, don’t let the thought of constant crowds put you off. Amid the energetic and intoxicating atmosphere, there are plenty of moments to find solitude and … just be. Thanks in no small part to the sheer exquisiteness of this festival’s many locations like Squaw Valley, Aspen, Snowmass, Whistler BC, and more.

Yoga classes are plentiful, teachers are top tier, and all levels are welcome. Vinyasa, aerial and standup paddle boarding — everything is there. Meditation sessions are plentiful and let’s not forget the music. There are dj’d yoga classes, guided meditations that incorporate music, dance parties, and the Electric Main Stage, where music of all varieties are scheduled throughout the event. The Food Co-Op, Beauty Bar by Aveda, and hanging out in the “Uncommons” just add to the dynamism.

What draws many is the amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Hiking and nature walks are available, but there is something deep about being in a certain setting and just gazing out over the horizon. Perhaps the best meditation?

Come solo, with friends, or family. It’s just people positive. Check out more information here about all the different locations and more festival information.

Upcoming dates: June 30-July 3rd, Aspen-Snowmass; July 14-17th, Squaw Valley; July 28-Aug.1, Whistler, BC


Camp for Grown Ups


Growing up, I was not allowed to go to sleep away camp. Parental concerns about food, lodging, cleanliness(!), and creepy counselors sunk that idea. I’m over it now (barely), but still have this starry-eyed view of the massive amounts of fun, s’mores, and midnight escapades that I could have gotten up to. (sigh) Luckily, we live in an age where there are camps for grown ups! “Grown up” is such a interesting term, isn’t it? I’m happy to be one — Oh those awkward years!! — but think that having adult status should never equal losing 1. your grasp on fun, 2. using your big “outside” voice, and 3. being curious and open to new things.

With that, here are a couple of “camps” where you can learn, laugh, and as one promotes, “re-ignite your life.” Sounds good to me!

1. Campowerment

Come one, come all! Campowerment wants women to re-discover themselves. Period. And rediscovery takes many, many fun forms: ziplining, archery, art therapy, yoga, meditation and even the opportunity to reinvent your look through their “style bootcamp.” Here’s a personal favorite: ‘Dance your way to Christian Grey in “Get Your Sexy Back” classes.’

And, yes, there will be color war games for those so inclined.

Choose from weekend retreats in idyllic Malibu Beach or a Weekend Woodland Retreat in the Poconos. Find out more about upcoming retreats!

2. Triple R Weekend Retreat

Relax and reboot! This retreat is all about self-care and having fun. Enjoy nature walks, yoga sessions, canoeing, and great workshops on Manifesting Kindness, and Entrepreneurship. Participate to your heart’s content or just come to recharge and connect with a great group of women. This is the brainchild of my dear friend (and mentor), Laurie Peterson. She’s a veteran of print and digital but her “super power” is her passion for connecting women and helping them move the mission (whatever that might be for each person) forward. The site of this event’s inaugural retreat is at Crossroads Camp & Retreat Center in Califon, New Jersey.

Find out more about Triple R Weekend here!

Omega Costa Rica


The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY has been a major destination for anyone who wants to ‘dig deeper’ emotionally, physically, and spiritually. While their Rhinebeck campus offers many, many workshops (and then some)  on everything from meditation and yoga to creating more intimacy in your relationships, they also offer weeklong winter learning vacations in sunny Costa Rica. (Isn’t tapping into all of your inner questions more delightful with some sea and sand?)

2016 kicks off with a week filled with the following: exploring compassion with zen teacher and social activist Joan Halifax Roshi, Richard Leider (author of The Power of Purpose) helping you to unlock your potential and purpose in life, Qigong and Tai Chi workshops, yoga for rejuvenation with Marianela Ortiz, and so much more. You can do multiple workshops every day or just find your way to the beach or nearest massage table. Perhaps one of the most amazing things about Omega is the community. For solo travelers who might have any second thoughts about going it alone, don’t think — just go.

NB: I have been to a workshop on Mindful Leadership led by Joan Halifax Roshi, and can honestly say she is a true light. Kind. Great sense of humor. The real deal.

Omega Costa Rica Week 1 runs Jan.9-16, 2016. There are four additional weeks offered as well. Pricing runs from $1,800 – $3,200.

Destination Detox: Nicaragua


It’s the season! Fabulous parties, glam dressing, eating, drinking, and getting up to all kinds of naughty and nice. Now I want you to visualize kicking your shoes off after that last party (perhaps, lucky girl, you’re wearing a pair from one of my new favorites: Gianvito Rossi!), and realizing: yikes! It’s 2016! How do you want to start the bursting-with-possibilities, shiny new year?

Here’s one option: by treating yourself to a well-deserved detox retreat. I’ll be sharing several with you over the course of the coming months, but wanted to start with one that delivers on its promise of a results-driven week filled with fitness, wellness, nutrition, pampering & fun on the beaches of Nicaragua.

Escape to Shape offers many incredible getaways, but their two detox programs (the other one is in New York) are perfect for all of you who want to GO BIG. Accommodations are private bungalows with a rustic/luxe vibe that are perched high up on a cliff overlooking a private cove and beach. Transformation is the mission. Delicious healthy meals, yoga, hiking, circuit training, mindfulness exercises, or just watching the world go by from your hammock on the beach. (Yes, transformation can happen from this vantage point as well.) The takeaway? You’ve got options!

Destination Detox: Nicaragua




Indo Boards For Balance



If you want to work on your balance and core-strength the Indo Board might become your new best friend. Created originally for surfers with down time, the Indo Board can be used by anyone at any level. Seriously. The original set comes with a roller, but you yogis out there might want to try the Indo Yogafit Balance Board.

If you’re missing Standup Paddleboard or just want a new way to work your body, these boards are great to fire up core-strength, improve balance, and add some fun to your normal practice. They also have a really lovely design. The original Indo Board version is a different experience. You’ll place a roller or cushion under the center of the board, then step on the board with each foot on either side and balance away! The key is the keep the board from touching the ground. This will happen a lot at first — so be it. Just keep getting the board up. Your knees should be in “surfer stance” with a slight bend. Once you get used to balancing — which is a fantastic workout in and of itself! — you can ramp up by adding squats, then squats with weights, and so on.

Their site is really helpful (some boards even have graphics to show where your feet should go) with lots of videos and many, many options for board type and design.

What’s so great is that you’re working your core, gaining strength, increasing your balance … and it’s fun! Ready to tap into your inner surfer girl?

Indo Board

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