Free Online Meditation Course with Deepak Chopra

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Does this sentence sound familiar to you: “Okay, tomorrow I’m going to start meditating!” And somehow it just doesn’t seem to happen? (Sigh) Stop the self-shaming. Now. Starting (and continuing) a practice is tough. But, not impossible. In fact, it just got easier with this great online course with none other than Deepak Chopra. And, it’s free. The course includes six audio teachings, six guided meditations, practical teachings on how and when to sit, frequently asked questions, mindful practices, inspiring readings, and, well, you get the picture — there’s a lot of great material here!  What I like about Deepak Chopra is his accessibility, thoughtfulness, and … humor. All qualities that help demystify what a meditation practice looks like and — most importantly — that it is different for everyone. A nice bonus is that his daughter, Mallika Chopra (CEO of, will be co-leading this course. So if you needed an extra nudge to start … here you go!

Basics of Meditation


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