Wanderlust – Multiple Locations

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Let’s just call it what it is: a Mecca for mindfulness, community, positivity, exploration, and fun. There is a lot going at Wanderlust. A lot. However, don’t let the thought of constant crowds put you off. Amid the energetic and intoxicating atmosphere, there are plenty of moments to find solitude and … just be. Thanks in no small part to the sheer exquisiteness of this festival’s many locations like Squaw Valley, Aspen, Snowmass, Whistler BC, and more.

Yoga classes are plentiful, teachers are top tier, and all levels are welcome. Vinyasa, aerial and standup paddle boarding — everything is there. Meditation sessions are plentiful and let’s not forget the music. There are dj’d yoga classes, guided meditations that incorporate music, dance parties, and the Electric Main Stage, where music of all varieties are scheduled throughout the event. The Food Co-Op, Beauty Bar by Aveda, and hanging out in the “Uncommons” just add to the dynamism.

What draws many is the amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in nature. Hiking and nature walks are available, but there is something deep about being in a certain setting and just gazing out over the horizon. Perhaps the best meditation?

Come solo, with friends, or family. It’s just people positive. Check out more information here about all the different locations and more festival information.

Upcoming dates: June 30-July 3rd, Aspen-Snowmass; July 14-17th, Squaw Valley; July 28-Aug.1, Whistler, BC


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