Indo Boards For Balance

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If you want to work on your balance and core-strength the Indo Board might become your new best friend. Created originally for surfers with down time, the Indo Board can be used by anyone at any level. Seriously. The original set comes with a roller, but you yogis out there might want to try the Indo Yogafit Balance Board.

If you’re missing Standup Paddleboard or just want a new way to work your body, these boards are great to fire up core-strength, improve balance, and add some fun to your normal practice. They also have a really lovely design. The original Indo Board version is a different experience. You’ll place a roller or cushion under the center of the board, then step on the board with each foot on either side and balance away! The key is the keep the board from touching the ground. This will happen a lot at first — so be it. Just keep getting the board up. Your knees should be in “surfer stance” with a slight bend. Once you get used to balancing — which is a fantastic workout in and of itself! — you can ramp up by adding squats, then squats with weights, and so on.

Their site is really helpful (some boards even have graphics to show where your feet should go) with lots of videos and many, many options for board type and design.

What’s so great is that you’re working your core, gaining strength, increasing your balance … and it’s fun! Ready to tap into your inner surfer girl?

Indo Board

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