Matcha Tea — Travel Size!

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Along with legions of other fans, I look so forward to my morning tea ritual. It’s calming, delicious, and I’m quite certain it makes me a nicer person for my family and the world at large. When I travel, I’m all for embracing newness, being out of my comfort zone, and all of those great unscripted and unexpected moments that can be pure gold. That is except for my morning tea ritual. Teapigs is my go-to for Matcha-on-the-go. Started by two Brits a decade ago, teapigs sells a lovely selection of teas from all over the world. The owners are focused on finding the purest leaves, and on a mission to get people to drink REAL tea again. Also, no pretentious attitudes allowed. They want one and all to discover and revel in the pleasures of drinking REAL tea. But, back to the Matcha. The tea comes in convenient little packets that are perfect for travel. And, although I love my bamboo whisk, they even have a great metal whisk that comes in it’s own case — perfect for travel.