Maisie Cafe – Paris

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On one of my favorite streets in Paris, rue du Mont Thabor, is a new favorite spot — the Maisie Cafe. The minute you walk in you notice the luxe white marble countertops, light mint green bar stools, blond wood and elegant floral wall art. Chic, welcoming, and cozy. On offer is everything a cold-pressed juice/green smoothie/veggie/gluten-free-loving devotee could ever want! My favorite juice of the moment? Shine. Made from carrot, green apple, celery, ginger, turmeric, lemon and aloe vera. Heaven. The seasonal menu is always fresh with soups, salads, granola (made daily and a cult favorite for breakfast), and bread from the Paris GF mecca, Chambelland. So much goodness. Enjoy!

Maisie Cafe