Boost Your Immunity with a Neti Pot

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Image of blue neti pot

You’ve got a lot of things you need to get done, make happen, manifest, etc., and a cold or flu is the LAST thing you need. My advice? Boost your immunity by investing in a neti pot. I discovered neti pots 11 years ago after my first — and so far, only — sinus infection. It started on my flight to visit friends in Brazil, a BIG trip that involved A LOT of planning. I chalked it up to in-flight bad air, fatigue, and something that would go away within 24 hours. Nope. It lasted the ENTIRE trip. Seven days.

Looking back, it was a tough but great lesson in terms of long-term health. I researched everything I could and spoke to friends who had suffered from sinus infections. One thing kept coming up again and again. Neti pots. I converted.

I use one from September to April. Every day. For some, the ritual might seem a bit awkward. Tilting your head, you are alternating pouring warm saline water through each nostril with the aid of a very little pot. Work through any feelings of awkwardness. I guarantee it will keep you healthy and happy through the season. Some things/mindsets to consider: make sure the water is warm, not hot. Go slow. Blow your nose after each side is finished draining. Commit to doing it for 21 days. This really works!

Also great for seasonal allergies.

Why not up your prevention game and try it?