Control Anger With This Breathing Exercise

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“Emotions are like guests. They should be treated very nicely and gently, and sent away if they don’t fit in.” — Yogi Bhajan

I love that.

And it’s the season when intense emotions can highjack you from out of nowhere. At other times, certain setbacks can be shrugged off and dealt with. But during the holidays? One small thing like missing a shipping deadline (been there), or the one agent for a very long line at the airport (gearing up for that… again!), can turn to rage. And these are low-level issues. Here’s a tool to help get you away from that sunken place. It’s a breathing exercise to help control anger from one of my favorite women, Kundalini Yoga goddess, Gurmukh.

Cool-Down Meditation

1. Stick your tongue out slightly. If you can, curl it upward into a tube shape. If it’s tough for you to do this, just do your best! Think of your tongue as a straw.

2. Breathe in through your mouth, using the ‘straw’ of your tongue to take breath in and then exhale through your nose. This exhale is long and deep.

3. Do with eyes closed and focus your attention on the third eye point.

She suggests to try this exercise for three minutes to start. Some people are amazed at the effect this simple exercise can have on them. It’s very cleansing. You may begin to feel a metallic taste in your mouth. This is a result of the toxins leaving your body via your breath and mouth. After a few rounds this ‘tinny’ taste will give way to a sweeter taste and, most importantly, a greater sense of calm.

Give it a try! And, if you are traveling, here are my healthy travel survival kit!


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