What’s Your “Word” For the Year?

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Happy 2018! Let’s kickstart the year with more energy, focus, and a deeper commitment to more radical self-care and compassion! I know 2017 was … emotional. We had some highs, some very DEEP lows (I can’t go there, but you know the sunken place of which I speak), but, we’re resilient. When we feel energized and good in our skin, it’s a ripple effect. It’s infectious. It inspires others to double down on their own commitments to themselves. Now, I typically don’t make resolutions. I like to think more in terms of modifications and adjustments. Why? Because they feel gradual. I like building up and progressing. It doesn’t mean I’m slacking off. Gradual can still be consistent. What I’ve found over the years is that when I come from a place of gradual change, the change is sustainable. Not stressful. What are your “modification and adjustment” (aka the non-banking version of “M&A”) plans for 2018?

For me it’s re-launching my 7-Day Detox and adding more online guides, reading more (This Will Be My Undoing by Morgan Jerkins, and Clean Protein by Kathy Freston, are just two off the top of my head), educating myself more about essential oils and natural fragrances, and going to the movies more. Home viewing is very cozy, but there is nothing like being in a dark theater with the energy of a community. (And, yes, I’m still on a Star Wars: The Last Jedi high. Next up? Phantom Thread. Daniel keeps threatening it’s his last movie. Could the gods be that cruel?)

One last thing I’ll throw out is that I do love to pick a word for the year. Let me explain. A word can be your subtle guide, your leitmotif, as it were. It’s your theme. A couple of years back, I chose “commit” as I noticed that I had a tendency to cancel social plans at the last minute. I thought about how most people (myself included) don’t have a lot of spare time and to make a plan, organize your week to make it happen, and then to have someone cancel? It gets real old real fast. So that was the year to commit. And yes, there were times when I desperately wanted to cancel (“I’m too busy!” “I’m tired!”). Instead, I followed through and guess what? I never regretted it. Ever. I met new people. Got a consulting gig. And just basically broadened my horizons. Oh, and going back to reading more, I will have to pick up Shonda Rhimes, “Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person.” Even though she’s TV diva royalty (Scandal, anyone?), she’s a card-carrying introvert who dared herself to say “Yes!” to all invitations for a year. Sounds both terrifying and insanely fun, doesn’t it?

So this year, my word is “truth.” When I catch myself with what Buddhists call “monkey mind”– bouncing from worry to worry — I will ask myself “Is it True?” (How often have we STRESSED ourselves out over things that 1) were beyond our control, 2) we figured out, and 3) worked themselves out??) Then I’ll expand to the things I truly want to do. The people I truly want to see. See how this goes? It’s about getting real with myself. Modifications and adjustments, right?

So my friend, what’s your word for the year?


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