Candles, To-Do Lists, and Serious Savasana

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Tatine candles, ways to manage your stress, relaxing rituals

Tatine candles, ways to manage your stress, relaxing rituals

Here are this month’s three ideas that might be perfect for your stress-management toolkit.

1. Tatine Candles. At this point, there are so many gorgeous scented candles out there that choosing one can be paralyzing. Let me help. I recently discovered Tatine candles, a small company in Chicago. I’ll start with the packaging: from luxurious velvets to crisp white paper with bold lettering (see above), each group of candles gets their “corresponding” packaging to help tell that scent’s story. All are beautiful.  Groups to choose from are:  “Dark, Wild, + Deep,” “Garden and Forest, ” or my personal favorite, Laurel Canyon, from the “Tisane” group, with its gorgeous mixture of eucalyptus, wildflowers, apricots, suede, and cannabis. (Yes, you read correctly!)

Love their mission statement:


Candle-making is deeply personal for Tatine (some are named after favorite rock songs, while others are intended to evoke memories or places). All candles are made of organic beeswax and handcrafted by the company in Chicago. Subtle yet sublime.


2. Avoid These 7 To-Do List Mistakes

I’m a list maker. I love lists. They give me comfort and a feeling of control over my destiny. (Okay, short-term control.) The problem is that I load my list with way too many items, forget to prioritize, and then keep adding the previous day’s items to my new list. (Apparently, a MAJOR no-go.) Here’s a great article from Fast Company that might help. It’s helping me! Now, if you’re a list champ, congratulations! But, if you’re like me, you might find a few hacks here to help you tweak your strategy.

To-Do List Hacks

3. Supine Meditation to Surrender to Deep Sleep

And, lastly, this is for when you need a little extra something to help you release all that stress from your day. Now, you could read a calming book. But there are times when you need a full body immersion. This is a short video (13 minutes)  from Yoga Journal contributor and influencer, Sofiah Thom. You get to experience the calming and nurturing energy of Sofiah. (Would be even better if we, too, could be at a retreat space in Costa Rica, but … this is a start.)

Hope this helps!


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