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Going on a yoga retreat is a wonderful thing. The only problem is that for the vast majority of us (myself included) getting away to Bali or Costa Rica for 10 days is just not happening. (OK, let me be more optimistic…it’s not happening just yet.) Self-care is one of cornerstones for vibrant health. But sometimes it’s just tough to even take the time to get an hour-long massage, let alone a week off. Case in point: a new friend here in Paris just discovered a place called “Body Minute,” known for (you guessed it!) super-express body treatments. Blink and your bikini wax is done! She’s hooked. It’s practical and what she can do with the way her life is right now. Does she want an experience longer than a blink? Of course! But, again, that’s where she is right now. Like so many of us.

But, what if …

What if you could find something different from the full weeklong-plus immersion? BookYogaRetreats hears you. And delivers what you want: Yoga retreats to fit your schedule.

The company is a yoga retreat marketplace. It’s an amazing aggregation of getaways based on budget, location, length of stay, type of yoga, and other super helpful filters. And, it’s easy to use. With a quick search for “2-Day” and “3-7 Day” retreats, I came up with great spots in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, New York City, Tuscany (adding to my list), Siem Reap, and, yes, even Bali. Wherever you are located — you can find something.

What I like are the many different experiences, price-points, and vibes you can enjoy. Are you a luxury goddess? You’re covered – some great spots in the South France and Ibiza. Nature and adventure? A hiking and yoga trip in Norway. Looking for a mix of yoga and surf camp? There’s a great option in Morocco. So many choices! That’s not to say that planning even a 2-day trip (with mom away) might take what seems like military-precision (been there. phew!), but it’s definitely on the “doable” to-do list.




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