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Here’s this month’s list of ways to de-stress, unplug, eat well, indulge in some editorial eye-candy, with just a pinch of wanderlust thrown in for fun. It’s my digital mash up of things that promote not just a healthy life but one well-lived! Some links are from my site, while others are pure nuggets of joy I found on the web. I do the research and general sifting so you don’t have to!

Enjoy April’s list!

Mindful Eating Meditation

We all know the feeling of just grabbing anything to eat when we’re sad, anxious, angry, or some combination of the above. Here’s a simple “pause” that you can use if you find yourself in this scenario more often than you would like.

Mindful Eating Meditation

Morning Rituals

What happens from the moment you open your eyes to when you (eventually) make it out the door really sets the tone for your day. You may be a bright-eyed lark or mysterious owl, but both camps can benefit from having a roadmap in the morning to help you feel like you’re centered and ready for whatever comes your way!

Morning Rituals 

My Search for the Best Green Tea

I thought I knew green tea. I mean really knew green tea. Turns out, I was missing out. There is matcha and then there is matcha.

Best Green Tea

Book: Sapiens

Yes, it’s big. Yes, it might seem intimidating. However, who would have thought that it would be a page-turner??? I approached this book as a “should read,” (Hello! It’s on Bill Gates’ list of must-reads.)  The book is about how we as a species came to dominate the planet. And also how we are wreaking havoc on our ecosystem. Yuval Noah Harari is an impressive scholar, researcher and writer, but what I love is how he breaks things down. It is so good. Beautiful … and haunting.


Probiotic Foods

I’m sure by now most of you know how important it is to keep your microbiome healthy and happy. There are more microorganisms living in your gut than there are cells in your body. They are important because they aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, ward off potentially harmful pathogens and viruses, regulate our immune system’s response (your gut is where the majority of your immune cells live), and produce and release important enzymes and neurotransmitters. Here’s a helpful list of foods to improve your gut health. 

Best Probiotic Foods

Do You Need a B-Vitamin Supplement?

Vitamin B-12 is key to our vitality. This water-soluble micronutrient helps us maintain good cognitive function, energy levels, balance, metabolism, and mood. When levels are healthy, you feel like Mistress of the Universe. When levels are low…

Vitamin B-12

20 Best Food Tours in Paris

Couldn’t resist throwing this one in as just reading it is so satisfying! Even if a trip to this incredible city is not on your calendar, this list helps you figure out what to put on the bucket list, or just have a vicarious thrill!

20 Best Food Tours in Paris 

Cereal Magazine

This bi-annual magazine is a thing of beauty. Dedicated to travel, design, art, and lifestyle, the photography will leave you breathless. They also have travel guides!


Mushroom Coffee and Elixirs 

Yes, they really are magical! Here’s a fact: mushrooms are one of the top cancer-fighting foods you can eat. With phytochemicals like beta-glucan, mushrooms enhance the fighting power of immune cells, which attack and destroy cancerous cells. Four Sigmatic is a company that is leading the way with coffee substitutes, elixirs (heavy concentrations of mushrooms), and superfoods. Try sipping on a Reishi elixir (sleep enhancer and stress reliever) as part of your evening winding down routine. Or, some Chaga to help your immune system power up! Many options!

Mushroom Coffees and Elixirs


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