10 Things for September 2018

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After all the planning, packing, and traveling, I looked up and summer was gone. I got to see dear old friends, hang out with family in D.C., and experience … Disney World.

Some of you might be saying, “Well, it’s about time Shelley!” while others might be imitating Daniel Kaluuya’s terrified expression from the “Get Out” movie posters, thinking “Why???” The upshot? So much fun.

We paced ourselves, brought along our sense of humor, and took advantage of any kind of Fast Pass option we could. Was it hot? Yes. Did we get cranky at times? Oh yeah! However, it turned out to be one of my favorite family vacations.

I hope all of you had a great time. It is hard to let go of Summer, but here are some diversions that might help us get through. xShelley

1.Tieraona Low Dog’s, “Fortify Your Life: Your Guide to Vitamins, Minerals, and More” – In addition to dietary supplements, Dr. Low Dog is an expert on herbal medicine, integrative medicine, and women’s health. She shares information about every vitamin and mineral out there and, most importantly, helps us understand what to look for when we land in that vitamin aisle and start scratching our heads. Incredible woman. Essential reading.  Check out the book here.

2. Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray With Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea – This spray was a new discovery this summer. The ingredients are the trifecta for soothing and rejuvenating skin. A little online digging revealed that some like to spray and gently rub into their skin, but I prefer to mist. It’s cooling and, oddly, energizing. Is it necessary? No. Does is spark joy? Yes. Get the spray.

3. Dai Performance Wear for Professional Women — After eight years working in finance, Joanna Dai experienced her fair share of getting off long-haul flights with seriously wrinkled clothes. Not cute. Her solution? Ditch the day job and design work clothes using technical, high performance fabrics used for sportswear. Et voila! Daiwear is born. The pieces are beautiful. Think minimalist chic. They can go day to night, and I love the tagline: “For Women Who Mean Business”. Daiwear

4. Reduce Stress and Increase Energy With Adaptogens  – Adaptogens are the multi-tasking family of herbs and roots that help us “adapt” to whatever situation we’ve got going on. If it’s stress overload, they bring on a calming effect. If we need more energy, they’re right there to give us a boost. Whether or not you’re in school, the “Back-to-School” energy can still be a bit intense. These herbs might help! Reduce Stress With Adaptogens

5. The UBarre for Home Fitness – The Ubarre from Best U Studio, is a stylish u-shaped (you guessed it) bar that can be used for arm lifts, supporting yoga moves, squat twists and so much more. They come in four different weights and even come with a travel bag. The videos are helpful. Here’s one showing how to use the Ubarre through a yoga flow sequence. These bars are like cool, minimalist sculptures. Love the metallic collection! (See photo above.) Ubarre

6. Movies – According to Mister Rogers, “Love is at the root of everything. Love or the lack of it.” Amen. Growing up, watching Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood was just part of childhood. As I look at his shows now, I’m amazed at how kind, inclusive, funny, and loving he is. This documentary is a gem. It’s more than just revisiting the show, it’s about what one person can do to really tell and show kids that they can love and be loved. Warning: tears will fall. Shifting gears, for a serious laugh (or 20) check out Mamma Mia and Crazy Rich Asians!

7. Podcast with Oprah and Gloria Steinem SuperSoul podcast– In these emotionally charged times, when we are witnessing women’s rights put on the line (again!), I love listening to two great women — pioneers in their own right — talk about the issues of the day, where we’ve come from, and how much further we have to go. Steinem refuses to settle and get complacent. Wisdom for us all.

8. Power Up Your Force With Medicinal Mushrooms – It’s no secret how healthy reishi mushrooms are, but what’s truly amazing is that these fungi, native to China, Japan, and Korea, are packed with chemicals that fight everything from cancerous tumors and inflammation to viruses, insomnia, and anxiety. Fin out more about Healing Mushrooms.

9. Turmeric Hummus Recipe – I’m a big fan of Kris Carr’s recipes. They are always easy and turn out delicious. Here’s a simple snack or side that is quick and delivers all kinds of good nutrients, from anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer Turmeric to plant-based protein with chickpeas. Get the recipe here.

10. Escape to Shape Travel Advisors – I have been following this company and really like the kinds of trips they offer. Physical intensity on your own terms, some serious pampering, beautiful locations, and great food. However, if your schedule doesn’t mix with what they’ve got on offer, now you can take custom to a higher level and let them plan/design your next trip — when you want to go. Find out more here.



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