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I had heard great things about Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying to Be Me: My Journey From Cancer, To Near Death, To True Healing,” but sadly never got around to reading it. I did, however, recently listen to her podcast “Life Force Energy” on Hay House Radio, and it really resonated. Her message is about the importance of cultivating and protecting your life force energy. Sometimes called your energy flow or spiritual energy.

We all have it. It’s essential to our well-being. Moorjani points out that in other cultures there is a word for life force: chi, ki, and prana to name an important few. In english we don’t have a name for it. This makes it harder to draw awareness to, much less cultivate, this energy.

Moorjani shares her own story about always being a people pleaser (can anyone else relate?) and how she would listen to everyone else and not listen to herself. She also lived on a lot of fear-based thinking, including her fear of cancer. She describes those years pre-cancer as eating everything healthy and doing everyone she should be doing to avoid cancer… but doing these things from a fear-based mentality.

She describes her diagnosis as a message to do things because you are enjoying life (not fearing it). Also, don’t be so rigid. And, finally, to accept yourself just as you are right now.

We all probably know this on a gut level, but the things that support your life force are typically related to love. Loving yourself. Accepting yourself. A passion for your life. Spending time with people you love. Being in nature. Laughter. Music. Sleep. Smelling smells that trigger fond memories. Think of all of your senses. Indulge them.

How often? Every day! Moorjani makes a great point about the approach to healthy eating. The desire needs to come from a place of wanting to “… fuel your passion to live longer.” Not from a place of fear of disease or illness, which can really deplete your energy. Start to see things not as “I have to…” but rather as, “I get to…”.

In general, when motivations are fear-based, your energy takes a bigger hit than you realize. As with stress, fear is a part of everyone’s lives. We all feel it. The important thing is to embrace it and recognize it. Typically we want to run away from from fear through constantly doing, eating, drinking, binge-watching, you name it.

Try instead to meet it head on or, as Moorjani describes, tell yourself, “Yes, I am feeling  you fear, but I’m going to love you through it.”

And let’s not forget the meditative state, which is so important. And not just in those last few minutes of your yoga practice or even the hour you might dedicate to meditating everyday. The challenge is to allow this life force to move through you throughout the day.

No, this is not an overnight thing here. Self-cultivation can be hard work, and consistency is key. But also remember to show some self-compassion if you feel you’ve gone off course a bit. Life happens. And you can always refer to list above about how to get back on course.

Anita Moorjani: Life Force Energy (Hay House Radio)


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