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Refa Carat face roller in platinum

Everyone loves to get the following compliment, “Wow! Your skin looks great.” As I write this I think of the many conversations over the years and the volumes of information shared with friends and strangers on how to get great skin. (Oh the novels we could have written with this time.) From new products and potions to how to snag that appointment with the facialist of the moment. And on it goes. I’m a seeker and I’ll always be looking out for products that promise radiance. But now I’m going to talk about tools. Specifically, a face roller to get excited about.

Over the years I’ve seen other face rollers and have been a little skeptical. Some look downright medieval with spiky points, then there were the jade rollers and others. Nothing to get too excited about. I heard about the REFA from a dear new friend who just moved to Paris from Tokyo. She said that the REFA Carat is the beauty must-have in her inner circle of Japanese friends. She said they glowed from within, with taut skin. When she asked one if she had had any injections, etc., her friend looked at her like a crazy person and told her about the REFA roller.

I’m not going to say this was a ‘no-brainer’ purchase. These products definitely have sticker shock. I’m looking at it as an investment. And, yes, I’ve used the term ‘investment’ with other beauty items (and clothing) to make me feel a little less guilty. However, this is definitely legit. I’m on week four of using the roller and here’s what I’ve experienced.

How To Use

To make it a little easier, here’s a link to a video. (Check out the :46″ – 2:10 minute section.) The video is functional (not fantastic) but you will get the gist of usage. In this video, I do exactly what she does each evening. I press the roller four times along my collar bone. It’s an interesting sensation that goes to my shoulders and upper arms. I use the roller up and down the sides of my neck which releases any tension or stiffness. The motion along the chin is great and I love the under-eye-to-temple swipe. The roller is supposed to improve circulation and tighten up your skin by ridding toxins that build up over time.

The motion along your forehead and then down the side of your neck literally feels like every toxin is being released. You can use the roller on your arms, legs, and souls of your feet, which I highly recommend.

The Verdict

So why the excitement about this shiny little object? I like the feeling that I’m not only doing something for beauty but also something that is great for my general circulation. I’d love to get regular massages but until that happens I love the thought that I’m  breaking up “blocked” areas in my neck and face. I feel less tense and more relaxed. Always a good thing.

On a deeper level, this new ritual is almost like a meditative pause for me at the end of the day. I’m present. I’m content. It’s part of my end-of-day wind down. I look forward to it. When we think of ‘toxins’ don’t forget about all the emails, non-stop stimulus, inner-voices, to-do list items, political angst(!) and anything else swimming around inside. I’m not saying this is a magic wand to wave it all away, but it is a delightful thing that helps with skin radiance, circulation, and being in the now. Not bad for a shiny little object!

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