Thinking of Trying a Medical Pedicure?

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Woman's feet in sandals on a beautifully tiled floor

A pedicure is something that typically most people don’t think too hard about. You might love or loathe them. However, after all is said and done, you know that your feet will probably look better. I recently had what I would describe as a medical pedicure. It was a totally different experience than what I’m used to. For those of you thinking of trying a medical pedicure, let me share my experience.

I was staying at the Stanglewirt bio-hotel near Kitzbuhel, Austria. Located in the Tyrol region (closer to Italy and southwest Germany than Vienna to the east) it’s a place where the air and water are pure, the sky is blue, and a healthy vibe is felt everywhere. My husband is from this region so I have been a few times and as one of my friends described it, it’s my “soul” place. It just feels good to be there.

But back to the procedure. Although skiing is the big draw this time of year, I opted out and had an energizing and relaxing week enjoying the property’s beautiful gym, series of steam rooms, saunas, pools, and of course, their stunning spa. As I’ve written about before I typically go for a massage because I know the goods. This time, however, I thought about my feet — and only my feet.

Imagine a chair normally used for a facial, used for a 45-minute pedicure. If it’s possible, I felt more relaxed afterward than from a massage. Yes, it’s true! What I also noticed was the different types of equipment used to really buff your skin and exfoliate those callouses.

For me the big thing is nail care. After an ingrown toenail, I try to be hyper-vigilant about that and also the possibility of nail fungus. Never pleasant to discuss but it can happen at even the cleanest of nail salons. By the way, if you don’t already know, stay away from whirlpool foot baths as bacteria and germs love to hang out in their tubes. (Same advice goes for any hotel bathtub with a whirlpool. Don’t do it!)

And … there are no side conversations. Period. It’s just you. In a room. Quiet. This was an unexpected bonus. It was amazing to have that kind of peacefulness. And the focused, personal attention.

Is it possible for feet to glow? That’s how I felt when I looked down. So much so, I didn’t get any polish. It was so nice to see healthy, clean nails. I am now hooked. I’m sure some of you have already discovered this, but I had to share this experience as I feel like I need to treat my feet and toenails better. Not just cover them in a beautiful color, but really make sure they are healthy.





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