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time to get organized, use boxes to help you sort, great for belts, accessories, and small objects

It’s Spring! Okay, I’m still wearing my beloved black Uniqlo down vest under everything, but still, Spring is here. Love the light in the morning, the birds singing, and the feeling of new opportunities. But before I run blissfully through the fields (hopefully in a pair of K. Jacques sandals!), it’s that time of year to get my “house” in order. (Mentally, spiritually, physically!) Time to get organized.

I, too, succumbed to Marie Kondo. I find her show irresistible. Eternal optimism mixed with no nonsense determination. And that smile! I actually love when she and her translator exchange “the look” after a closet is opened that was previously hiding either scary mountains of clothes or endless boxes of Christmas decorations. Pure gold.

Full disclosure, I didn’t go all in and put the PILES in the middle of the room. I’ve moved houses five times in the past ten years so I’ve had to pare down a great deal. However, I did target two areas that were crying out for some love. My underwear/sock drawer and a closet my husband and I share: he keeps t-shirts and jeans, and I keep bags and shoes. I should really do a post on the creative way you have to use closet space here in Paris, as they are few and far between. But, back to this closet.

One of the key ideas I took away from the Kondo Method was to use boxes — that I already had — to store things like belts, clutches, and various other tiny accessories. Over the holidays we were gifted with some great large candles that came in gorgeous boxes. They worked beautifully. (See photo above.)

For space-saving, we purchased a new shorter and slimmer chest of drawers for our bedroom. I love it but the drawers are quite shallow. Problem solved this time with low, wide boxes that were used for ties and fit the drawer perfectly. I organized the chaos of all of my “intimates” and socks. Now, these might sound like changes that barely register on your radar, but they were big sources of happiness for me. And, gave me a sense of calm. Probably because I can FIND things. And it makes packing easier. And it just looks nicer.

Shifting gears, I have been looking for an app to help me organize my website content calendar, long-term projects that interest me, and simple things like keeping lists of books I want to read, podcasts I want to listen to, people I’d like to interview… you get the picture.

I was using a hodgepodge of various apps and my old school paper agenda. Good, but not great. I recently went back to Evernote and really love using it. Not sure why I broke up with it in the first place, but we’re back on track now. My lists are organized and I like the display. I should add that a dear friend loves the Post-It app as well. Compare them and see what might work for you.

The New York Times just featured a fun piece on organization with some book recommendations.

Here’s their “Home Survival Reading List”:

  1. Outer Order, Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin
  2. The Home Edit, by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin
  3. The Minimalist Home, by Joshua Becker
  4. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo

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