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I’ll always prefer taking a yoga class in person. The energy of the room, the vibe of the teacher, and the sense of community feels so good. As a Kundalini devotée, I love the Yogi tea waiting for you after class.  (It’s always the little things, right?) However, when you’re pressed for time (can anyone relate?) an online workout can be fantastic. Here are three three online workout platforms to check out.

OBÉ – With 14 live classes a day, plus 1000+ on demand, Obé is a great option. Think of a glowing white cube with upbeat teachers focusing on strength, cardio, yoga and stretching.The classes I checked out were an express arm workout, and a dance/cardio class. Both were excellent. Teachers were fun and I felt their energy. Details: $27/month; classes are either Signature (28 minutes) or Express (5-15 minutes). The verdict: So fun! Great music, top instructors, and a serious workout.


Glo – They have a great tagline: “Strengthens body, mind, and heart.” Another winner. Glo provides a serious roster of A-list teachers like Elena Brower, Kathryn Budig, Rod Stryker, and many others. If you’ve been a fan of one of the top tier teachers, here’s your spot to follow them right in the comfort of your own space. The basic monthly fee is $18, but you can go deeper with in-depth practice courses as well. These range from $100- $150 and can run multiple weeks. Details: $18/month for general classes, plus more in-depth, multi-session classes for extensive teacher training as well as courses from core strength to cleansing your chakras,


Tracy Anderson Method – Workout powerhouse and celebrity go-to. And, the woman has style for days. Hey, motivation comes in many ways. All levels are welcome and there are new classes each week. Anyone who works with the TA Method knows that she brings it. This self-described “expert in body design” will make you sweat and take you to your limit. And it won’t come cheap. Pricing is top-tier with $90 per month or a one-time fee of $808.50 for the year. However, she’s currently offering a 2-Week Free Trial. Or check out her videos on Instagram to get a sense of her energy and what she’s all about. Details: $90 per month or a one-time fee of $808.50 for the year. All levels welcome.

Tracy Anderson Method

BONUS: My friend Ali just told me that she’s loving Core Power Yoga On Demand, which is $19.99 per month for unlimited classes and you can choose your class length. They are offering a free trial week!

The upshot: online classes are great. You can find ones that are perfect for you even if you only have ten minutes.

No, they cannot replace community in real time, and I love supporting small gyms and boutique fitness studios. I like to think of online classes as a great (and practical!) way to complement your mind/body fitness goals. Time is the ultimate luxury and if you can feel less stressed by squeezing in a workout at home … it’s all good.

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