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Well hello there! I’m back! So much has happened since my last entry. Here’s the short version: we packed up our apartment and life in Paris and moved back to New York. It’s been action-packed to say the least. And, at times, utterly exhausting. I miss many things about Paris. My food shopping adventures (and hilarious miscommunications), cool shops, big bold-colored doors, PEOPLE WATCHING, (yes, all caps is necessary on that one — hey it’s Paris) and the incredible people I was lucky to meet there. But, it feels really good to be home. And it always feels good to be in New York. Change is good, right? So that’s the short version.

Moving means transition. And building new communities (again?), which can be exciting … and sometimes tough. What’s so helpful is to have other — in this case virtual — communities to tap into to help keep you grounded and feel like you have a tribe no matter where you are. Here are three personal favorites of mine that you might like as well!


French is Beautiful – Podcast/Newsletter

Paris is across the ocean now, but Carrie Anne keeps it front and center (and real) with her lovely podcast. This is a wonderful place for Francophiles, or just the Franco-curious. The host has such a warm, thoughtful energy. And she’s fun! I love the story about her journey moving to France and carving out a pretty dynamic life there. You will learn about French expressions, poetry, music and many other cultural inspirations. Now when I need a Parisienne fix, this is where I go. She teaches online language courses, but my favorite is when she dives deep into cultural differences. So fun.

French is Beautiful 

Covey ConnectOnline Club for Women

This is the latest media community created by Lesley Jane Seymour, former Editor-in-Chief of MORE magazine, Marie Claire, and Redbook. (A little trivia, I was part of the team that helped re-launch CoveyClub is a community for women in their 40’s and up. This is really important as it feels like the issues are speaking directly to you at this stage in your life. Topics explored include everything from careers, health, travel, beauty, money and the list goes on. She has created a community of women who are curious, open to reinvention, and engaged. Great articles, events, and webinars are also offered. As I’ll be doing a bit of reinvention myself, I love the supportive community. There are different member levels and also a free option for monthly newsletters.


Bois de JasminPerfume Blog

Yes, I adore perfume. If you can imagine I’m still searching (in vain) to recreate my beloved Helmut Lang eau de parfum (circa 2002 when Helmut Lang still was at the helm of his company). I digress. What Victoria does on her blog is nothing less than transporting you to the world of scent, be it in a review of a highly anticipated fragrance launch, deep dives into ingredients, or perhaps sharing experiences in nature and so many other settings where scent plays a part. (Everywhere really.) I’ll leave you with a wonderful quote from her :  ‘When people ask me why I find the sense of smell so fascinating, I respond simply–it allows me to pay attention to details. If you notice the scent of fallen leaves, you will also notice the delicate etching of their veins, the lemon yellow hue…” Amen.

Bois de Jasmin