Try These Delicious Milk Alternatives

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Images of non-dairy milk alternatives
PC:Anita Austvika for Unsplash

I finally tried Oatly, the much-hyped oat milk beverage coming out of Sweden. I love it!

I’ll admit that their marketing swayed me. I read about them in an issue of Monocle (the little “David” to the big milk-industry’s “Goliath”) and loved their attitude. Exhibit A: the carton. It’s just fun. Yes, they are making a good product, but they are also storytellers. Can you remember the last time you read everything on a beverage carton? They tell their story with a good mix of irreverence and heart. But enough about style.

Oatly tastes great. If you’ve been through the various rice milks, soy, almond, and others, you know that some, although flavorful, are just too watery (definitely not latte material) while others can be too bland. Full disclosure: I actually did try oat milk a couple of years back in Paris, but the brand was a generic grocery chain brand and it was seriously bland. Oatly’s has the flavor and texture and froths up quite nicely if you like your lattes.

Another oat milk brand that I like is by Califia Farms. I tried the Oat Barista Blend, and it was also delicious. Texture was just slightly lighter than Oatly but no flavor compromise. What I do notice is that it is much easier to find Califia than Oatly. Oatly was again sold out at my local Whole Foods this past weekend. The company seems to be having some distribution issues, but are slowly working them out and hopefully will have a more robust e-commerce option soon. It’s clear that the demand is there as not one but two bakeries I recently visited both had signs, “If you would like oat milk, please ask for it!”

The nutrition breakdown for the two brands (per cup) is roughly 130-140 calories, 7% fat, 0% cholesterol, and 3-7% total sugars (Oatly is on the slightly higher end). They both come in with around 20% calcium. The main difference is that Oatly has more vitamins: vitamin D (20%), vitamin A (20%), riboflavin (45%), vitamin B-12 (50%), and phosphorous (20%). While I recommend both for flavor, if you’re looking for more nutrients per serving, Oatly might be the better bet. That is if you can find it.


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