Two Great Podcasts About The Path of Self-Discovery

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PC: Christopher Rusev on Unsplash

To really know oneself is the ultimate goal in life, isn’t it? And it’s an ongoing process as we are always evolving and growing. I don’t think of it as hard or easy work. I’ve come to realize that it’s just part of the process of being. Some start out in life firmly anchored to their nature and chart their course. For others (I’ll put myself in this latter camp) the process is definitely an evolving one of self-discoveries, epiphanies, triumphs and, yes, heartaches that help us to get beyond the layers and get closer to our essence. This past week, two podcasts came my way that, in their own way, touched on this theme and I wanted to share them with you.

Tara Brach’s “Wise Investigation:Dissolving the Trance” is a must. I’m always blown away by her warmth, humor, and depth. In this discussion she describes that the deepest pain centers around our “self-concept” thoughts. This “idea” we have of who we are and the stories we tell ourselves. They tend to keep us small and in a trance. The more we investigate, the more we break that trance. Sounds simple, but the process of investigation involves being comfortable with uncertainty. And that makes many of us uncomfortable. However, being open to investigation not only increases our energy but also our presence. So necessary for clarity and awareness. Wise Investigation: Dissolving the Trance

Carrie Anne James, “The Paris Lessons: Your Soul” is about knowing who you are and communicating as your true self. I’ve mentioned how much I enjoy Carrie Anne’s French is Beautiful newsletters before. In this podcast, she discusses some really interesting cultural observations about French and American women and their different approaches to “living unapologetically”. This isn’t a either/or type discussion of which is better. Keeping the theme of investigation going, she explores different cultural norms and expectations. She also delves into the “people pleaser” archetype that is so difficult for many of us to come to terms with. It all comes down to acting in a way that is more in alignment with your heart. (Two key questions: Who are you? What do you want?) A thoughtful and thought-provoking discussion!

Always remember, self-discovery is a marathon… not a sprint.