Last Minute Holiday Gift

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image of candle from The Sphinx The Priestess
PC: The Sphinx The Priestess

Trying to figure out those last minute gifts? Not to worry. The Brooklyn-based company The Sphinx The Priestess has gorgeous candles that ship in 2-3 days. The company has been on my radar for the past year and I finally ordered some of their candles this week. Why did I wait so long? The candles are hand-poured (during the new or full moon) and are associated with symbols and archetypes from the Tarot. They are described as manifestation candles, but you can also just simply enjoy the sheer pleasure of their light and scent.

I ordered ‘The Star,’ which is associated with spiritual awakening, channeling creativity, blessing your sanctuary, meditation and reflection. The glass vessel is luxurious and has a nice heft to it. The scent, described as “blond wood and fragrant shrubbery,” is earthy yet delicate. The kind of candle that creates ambiance, not overwhelm! I also purchased ‘Pentacles,’ associated with abundance, career aspirations, and manifesting the tangible. I think I’ve got my bases covered!

Again, shipping is fast and the two founders, Haley Elizabeth Kaufman and Whitney Huhmann, include a personal note. A really nice touch.

Here’s hoping that the lucky recipient feels energized, pampered and inspired. Maybe feel all three at once. Oh, and remember, there is no shame in gifting to yourself. Think of it as wellness reconnaissance. Enjoy!

The Sphinx The Priestess