Wellness Disgest #1: The “New Normal”

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Thursday, March 26th, 2020

I hope all of you are keeping healthy and trying to stay as sane as possible during this “world turned upside down” moment. The last two weeks can only be described as scary and shocking. I’ve been glued to the news, tried to find wipes (in vain), worried about elderly relatives, and slowly absorbed the reality of homeschooling. The “new normal” changes daily.

The “pause” has created a lot of time for introspection and thinking about priorities, hasn’t it?

It’s incredibly important to me to share content with you that I hope will help you thrive, stress a bit less, and maybe even be inspired during this uncertain moment.

Keeping your mind and body in optimal form is always important, but as we’re all hanging tight, staying at home, and trying to cope — it is essential.  Okay! Here’s this week’s list!


I’m sure a lot of you are already checking in with Johns Hopkins excellent COVID-19 tracking site. The numbers are scary but it’s also encouraging to see how many people have recovered. I also follow updates from Dr. Rhonda Patrick. Her twitter feed (@foundmyfitness) is an excellent resource.

As we’re all cleaning like crazy, I wanted share with you VOX‘s cleaning expert’s list of which products to use, their ingredients, and safety information. And, now that we know about products, here’s some information about how long the virus lingers on different surfaces.


At this point, we all might need to step back, take a break from cleaning and breathe in something a bit more pleasant. Here’s a list of essential oils to help you stay calm.


We’re all at home. Lots of cooking happening. Let’s not stress. Mark Bittman is here to help with excellent advice about ways to make rice more exciting and easy ingredient swaps you can make if, say, you forgot to buy anchovies and cilantro in the run up to the “stay at home” mandate!


Our immune system needs to be in top form, and good, quality sleep should be a top priority.  Here’s a blog post with great information from sleep expert Dr. Matthew Walker,  or you can check out his TED talk, Why Sleep Is Your Super Power.

Movement, in any form, is so important to keep you healthy both physically AND mentally. Online programs are so convenient and there’s a huge selection out there. I just signed up for a free 30-day trial at Yoga Anytime.  It’s advertised as a 15-day trial but when you click on the link it says it’s extended to 30 days. Love that!  (After the trial it’s $18/month.)  My first class is a 7-Day Kundalini Yoga Challenge.

Here’s a previous post I did on online workouts. (Prices and offers may vary as the post was from last summer.)


Maybe you want to use this time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile? Reboot Accel is a company dedicated to helping women stay current, connect with others, and accelerate their re-entry into the workplace.

JOIE DE VIVRE! (My favorite section)

Again, we’re all at home. Entertainment, please! Here’s a mix of shows, art, and podcasts!

  1. WATCH:43 movies to stream on Amazon, Netflix, or HBO now. Need I say more?
  2. DESIGN: This work of architecture is beyond stunning. Thank you SURFACE magazine!
  3. PODCAST: I like the two quirky and fun-loving hosts of Stuff You Missed In History Class. One of my favorites is on the gardens of Versailles.
  4. ART: We can’t go to museums but don’t miss out on some great lectures and visual treats on their websites. MoMA is a favorite — the image above is Constantin Brancusi’s Mlle Pogany, 1913.

Thanks so much for reading. We’ll get through this moment together.