Wellness Digest #6: Sugar Cravings, Language Learning, and the Met

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Image: Gerhard Richter’s Two Candles, 1982, Phaidon

Welcome to this week’s digest. As we settle into the new normal, many people are finding time to discover new things. Music, art, shows, house cleaning hacks — you name it. Personally, I’m a Luddite when it comes to streaming music but finally tried Spotify. I love it. Better late than never. I’ve discovered a bunch of new music like this track from the LA band Unloved.* If you’d like to share some of your new discoveries — just hit reply. I’d love to know. Okay! Here’s this week’s list:


We are all trying to be vigilant about our immune health. One thing to remember is that 70 percent of our immune cells are in the lining of our intestines. A healthy gut means optimal overall health. Also keep in mind that sugar can really work a number on your gut. Here’s how to understand sugar cravings and your gut.

And here’s a list of foods that help maintain a healthy gut.


Honestly, sometimes just watching food videos is enough for me. So gorgeous and inspirational. However, I discovered this wonderful Instagram page for Milan, Italy-based Kitchen Quarantine, and want to make everything. Here’s a potato+avocado creation that looks fantastic. And this pasta. Buon Appetito!

Thinking about what to do with your stock of canned beans? (Aren’t we all?) Here are five ideas to shake things up.

Yep, I’m not afraid to admit it: I miss Starbucks. However, I’m making my own pretty decent chai lattes now. The key? Having a milk frother. A little luxury that keeps on giving.


Many of us are feeling anxious about a lot of things. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, here’s a short piece from Dr. Alicia Clark about how to better manage your anxiety.

I found this from a women’s peer coaching group called The Cru. I like that they’re helping women build supportive communities focused on both personal and professional development.


This five-minute video, led by Roshi Joan Halifax, founder, headteacher, and abbot of Upaya Institute and Zen Center, Practices for When You are Sick can help you with both the fear of illness and pain management. I’ve seen her speak a few times. She is so grounding and seems to have an endless well of empathy and compassion.

Low-maintenance beauty? I’m in. Here are some natural do-it-yourself beauty masks to try out.

Brooklyn Candles has a beautiful Palo Santo (holy wood) candle that has a warming mix of cedar, mint, eucalyptus, and sandalwood. Palo Santo (besides smelling amazing) is typically used to purify a space and cleanse bad energy.


Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! There are many hobbies out there to try and learning a language is always high on my list. Now with so much available online, here are some great options.

General Assembly offers classes on learning to code, data science, web design, and so much more. They’re now offering free workshops on Fridays to let you test the waters. Is it time to unleash your inner techie?


  1. How to Pretend You’re in Paris at Home. Scarf tying, museum-hopping, films, apéro, and more.
  2. NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour is a fun podcast where three hosts chat about the latest movies, television, films, and books of the week.
  3. The painting (Two Candles, 1982) at the top of this newsletter, is one of my favorites from the German artist, Gerhard Richter. His show at the Met Breuer opened just as NYC’s shutdown began. Here’s a virtual tour of what looks like a beautiful retrospective show.

*If the song I included above sounds oddly familiar to you, it’s because the band Unloved‘s music figures prominently in the show Killing Eve.


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