Wellness Digest #10: Vitamin D, Neck Stretches, and Sunscreen

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Photo Credit: Dave Herring

Welcome to this week’s digest. Let’s keep our immune system strong and our curiosity even stronger. What’s on your summer reading list? I’m sharing one of mine below, but I’m always on the lookout for suggestions. Hit reply if you want to share one! Okay, here’s this week’s list:


Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that not only enhances our innate immune system but can also help keep it from becoming overactive. Some researchers are linking low levels of vitamin D to more severe cases of Covid-19. The data isn’t definitive but, in general, it’s always a good idea to have healthy levels of vitamin D.

Have you had days during lockdown when you feel exhausted? I’m talking mentally, physically, and emotionally? Sounds like quarantine fatigue. (It’s a thing.) Here are some thoughts on how to cope.


Meet the “Salmon sisters,” two women who grew up in a family of salmon fishermen in Alaska. Their story is so interesting, but they also have a wonderful cookbook. Here are two recipes that look great. I’ll let you know how my salmon burger worked out!

Here’s one more for salmon lovers: a one-pan meal with miso salmon, bok-choy, and asparagus. Easy, so tasty, and … one-pan!


Blame it on my pillow or how I look at my laptop, but my neck often feels achy. Imagine my joy when I found these neck stretches, compliments of yogi Jessamyn Stanley. Been doing them for a week and am feeling so much better.

And if you feel like sitting all day is catching up with you, try these simple exercises to get moving.


The search for a natural deodorant has been quite a journey. So many options but few have really impressed. Until now. I started using (spritzing to be exact) Weleda’s Citrus 24H Deodorant a month ago and am now hooked. It works! No aluminum, lovely recyclable packaging, and the lemon essential oil smells incredible. Full disclosure: I have not run a marathon or done hot yoga wearing it, but still.

And, as we enter sunscreen season, here’s a helpful list from the Environmental Working Group describing ingredients and benefits of using safer sunscreens.


1. Watch: Misty Copeland giving an award to a young ballet dancer. Hope to see his star keep rising higher and higher.

2. Read: The final installment in the Hilary Mantel trilogy about Henry VIII and his fixer, Thomas Cromwell. The Mirror and the Light, at 754 pages, is a commitment but Mantel’s writing is truly exquisite.

3. Listen: And if you want to keep the royal theme going, check out the Noble Blood podcast. Filled with tales of tyrants and serious intrigue, these are mini-history lessons — and then some. (BTW, all of Henry VIII’s wives are given their own show.)