Wellness Digest #9: Ginger, Best Hand Creams, and the Future of Restaurants

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Welcome to this week’s digest. This weekend we celebrate Memorial Day in the U.S. The official kick-off to summer. Yes, it will be a different summer. But still, a season to hopefully shift gears, take baby steps with new freedoms and soak up (responsibly) my favorite form of vitamin d. Here’s this week’s list:


Something that I always try to have on hand in my kitchen is ginger. I put it in smoothies and use it to make fresh tea. It is definitely one of my ultimate cure-alls for stomach upset and maintaining a healthy immune system among many other benefits.

Here are some interesting survey results from Slate after asking roughly 6,000 people what they might feel comfortable doing after cities slowly re-open.

And, remember the Fitbit? Well, they and other wearables are being re-tooled to help reduce the spread of Covid-19.


These one-pot pasta recipes require only five ingredients to make. The Cacio e Pepe has my name on it.

Oh, and, in case you want to up your game, here are six cooking techniques that might take your skills from good to great.


Sometimes you have to go back to basics. I am re-reading Pema Chödrön‘s “How to Meditate: A Practical Guide to Making Friends With Your Mind.” I love her quote, Meditation is a transformative process, rather than a magic makeover in which we doggedly aim to change something about ourselves.” 

I recently added some neroli oil to my evening essential oil line-up. It’s wonderful. Derived from Egyptian orange blossoms, neroli is known for soothing nervous tension, exhaustion, and alleviating some menopausal symptoms. It’s like a big scented hug.


Hand washing is so necessary, but also a bit brutal on our skin. Currently, I’m loving hand creams from Weleda but here’s a list of other great ones to try.


1. Watch: Unorthodox on Netflix. A story about a young Hasidic woman fleeing Brooklyn (and an arranged marriage) for Berlin. So good.

8th Gradefollows thirteen-year-old “Kayla” through her last year of middle school. I’m only half-joking describing this as a “horror” film in the way that it searingly pinpoints so many insecurities, social missteps, and the deep awkwardness that many of us have felt at that age… and beyond.

2. Read: I’m in the middle of Trust Exercise by Susan Choi. I had given up on it, but went back and am glad that I did. Here’s a review here.

3. Listen: Successful chef, restauranteur, and Top Chef judge, Tom Colicchio speaks with NPR’s Terry Gross. How to Save the Restaurant Industry.