Wellness Digest #11: Chickpeas, Nature, The Art of Breathing

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Photo credit: Christopher Michel

Welcome to this week’s digest. To say what a difference a week makes would be an understatement. I hope everyone is safe. I know many of you (myself included) are feeling righteous anger right now. Anger is a powerful emotion. Let’s use it for good. For change. If you’re feeling frustrated about how to channel these feelings, here’s some great advice from the President. President Obama that is.  Here’s this week’s list:


There is still confusion about coronavirus transmission. Elevators? Public spaces? What’s the risk? Take this quiz (only seven questions) to see where you’re at. Full disclosure: I got 4/7. Still learning!

And if you feel like you might have gotten too comfortable with cleaning/washing since the beginning of the pandemic, here are some high touch surfaces that you might not want to overlook.


Chickpeas are so versatile and a good source of plant-based protein. Throw them in a salad, make some hummus, there are endless options. Here’s an easy way to give your weekly pasta a little Roman twist. This Pasta e ceci recipe is quick and delicious.

Here’s one more that’s light and super flavorful. Crisped Chickpeas with zucchini and yogurt.

And lastly, I just got a rice cooker. How have I not had one before? It cooks perfect rice, steams veggies, and I can also use it as a crockpot. Beyond happy! I chose a model from Aroma as it has a ceramic pot inside instead of Teflon. Super easy to clean.


This one is for those of us who want to exercise but don’t want to have tons of equipment. These bodyweight exercises will give you a full-body workout. You’ll feel great and won’t stress. Sometimes less is more!

If you can get out in nature – anywhere – it might be the ultimate stress buster you’ve been missing. I could stare at trees all day and now I’ve got some serious vocabulary thanks to this wonderful app called Picture This Plant Identifier. Just put your phone’s camera over a leaf, flower, herb, you name it, and you’ll be able to find out what you’re looking at.


Another thing in the ‘less is more’ camp is enjoying a bath with Epsom salts. I know there are so many varieties of bath salts, but if you want deep relaxation (and during these times who doesn’t?), going back to basics works wonders.

Great short piece from Dr. Low Dog on claiming our resiliency. Plus, she mentions two herbs that are great for energy.


  1. Listen: NPR‘s Terry GrossHow the Lost Art of Breathing Can Impact Sleeping and Resilience. Journalist James Nestor shares fascinating information from his new book, Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art.
  2. Watch: A beautiful documentary on Toni Morrison, The Pieces That I Am, about the life and work of this extraordinary writer.
  3. Read: “Wow, No Thank You.” Samantha Irby‘s book of essays looks at our culture, aging, isolation — all through a lens that is so real and often hysterically funny.

*The photo above is of Joshua Tree National Park — one of my favorite places of all time.