Wellness Digest #14: Apple Cider Vinegar, Plank Challenge, Storm King

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Welcome to this week’s digest. As each city moves through the different phases of opening up, some of us are eagerly jumping back in while others are hanging back. Do what feels right for you. But wherever you’re at, try to get outside. Natural light is the ultimate tonic. Here’s this week’s list:


As businesses and public spaces start opening up, many are wondering if it’s safe to use public restrooms now. Here’s some advice about what precautions to take.

I’m a devoted apple cider vinegar fan. At the first sign of a troubled stomach, cold or flu, I’ve got my hot water plus a tablespoon of ACV. It’s my go-to. Here are some other health benefits (like help with blood sugar levels) that are also linked to ACV. I’ve been using the Bragg brand for a long time but there are other great ones out there.


The food delivery company Daily Harvest has been on my radar for a bit. And now I have confirmation from a dear friend that their smoothies, soups, and bowls are wonderful. Yes, the price points might skew a bit expensive, but the well-sourced, organic ingredients might make it worth a try. I love that they offer both monthly and weekly subscriptions.

With roughly 70 percent of our immune system located in our gut, here’s a list of gut-friendly foods that will help keep us healthy and make our intestinal flora happy.


The plank position is one of the most low-maintenance ways to keep our bodies fit and firm. I have weeks when I do them and then fall off the wagon. Can you relate? So I’m committing to the 30-Day Plank Challenge. No more than 5 minutes (if that!) a day. Could this be your new habit?

And to continue the theme of “short yet mighty” workouts, CoreYoga has a great selection of free yoga classes. I found this quick energy boost class with Lara. Only 20 minutes. It’s in my rotation.


  1. Virtual Visit: Enjoy this tour of Storm King Art Center, the outdoor sculpture park an hour north of NYC. Site-specific and monumental sculptures from modern art masters. A special place.
  2. Listen: On Being podcast “This History is Long; This History is Deep,” with Isabel Wilkerson, author of The Warmth of Other Suns, her Pulitzer-prize winning book on the Great Migration.
  3. Read: Could double-decker airplane seats be in our future? And does this mean everyone would have lie-flat seats? I’m in!

Photo credit: Larisa Birta for Unsplash