Wellness Digest #15: Back Pain, Black Beans, and Hamilton

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PC: Vernon Raineil

Welcome to this week’s digest. Hard to believe that we’re already in July. I hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday weekend. Here’s this week’s list:


Any sufferers of back pain out there? Here’s a great interview with Dr. David Hanscom, a former spine surgeon, who shares effective pain-relief alternatives to surgery. More often than not, anxiety can bring on back pain. A key point Dr. Hanscom makes is that anxiety is physiological, not psychological, and is a measure of your body’s stress chemicals.

And speaking of anxiety, if you find that coffee might be making you more jittery these days, try one of these seven alternatives to boost your energy and brainpower.


If chips and salsa are part of your holiday weekend food festivities, try something new with this corn and black bean salsa.

Black beans are delicious and here’s why they’re so nutritious.

And for dessert? Try these olive oil chocolate chunk cookies. Decadent but sometimes so necessary.


Are you finding that your skin is not happy with wearing a daily face mask? (Didn’t we leave acne behind in high school?!) Here’s some great advice — and face mask recommendations — from top dermatologists.

And good skin always needs hydration. Are you drinking enough water? These great water bottles might get you inspired. This one from Bambaw didn’t make the list, but I love its sleek minimalist design.


  1. Watch: If you feel like your movie well has run dry, here’s Buzzfeed’s list of the best 35 international movies to stream right now. Parasite and Force Majeure are two personal favorites.
  2. Read: No summer travel plans? Join the club. But, we can still add to our wish list. Check out Airbnb’s most popular rentals.
  3. Broadway Bonus: The film version of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton is finally available for streaming on July 3rd. Original cast!