Wellness Digest #16: Intermittent Fasting, Summer Pickles, and Mindfulness Summit

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Welcome to this week’s digest. Some easy (and cooling) recipes for the July heat, and some help for poor sleep. Oh, and a fabulous old school dance party — just because. Here’s this week’s list:


Intermittent fasting is gaining in popularity as a way of weight management that focuses more on when you eat rather than tracking specific calories. There are differing opinions on specific time windows to eat, but this new research sheds more light on timing and health benefits.

Beyond the important public health benefits, wearing a face mask is a new way to show our style, humor, or just plain common sense. And, it’s important to keep them crisp and clean. Here’s how to properly clean your mask.


My daughter is taking an online Iron Chef cooking class that is pretty fantastic. The recipes have all been great but a standout is easy refrigerator pickles. And when I say easy, I’m not exaggerating. Here’s a similar recipe that I found at A Spicy Perspective.

And because the July heat is officially here, this 4-Ingredient Lemonade Popsicle recipe might help you cool off. (See image above!)

And since cooling salads are the go-to meals right now, here’s how to keep salad greens fresh in your fridge.


Are you or someone you know suffering from poor sleep due to snoring, sleep apnea, or backache? Maybe this pillow wedge is right for you.

And if you find yourself staring at the ceiling with insomnia, check out this 90-second video with master yogi Colleen Saidman Yee. She shares one pose that relaxes your breath and helps press pause on the “noise” in your head.


Virtual Event: Check out the free Mindfulness Summit August 20-26. Seven days of speakers and workshops, including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Rhonda Magee, Anderson Cooper, and more.

Listen: I just discovered the Overheard at National Geographic podcast. The Scuba Diving In a Pyramid about ancient Sudan’s pyramids is fascinating. Fun fact: Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt.

Watch: Old school dance party with DJ Cassidy’s “Pass the Mic”. Enjoy Earth, Wind & Fire, Kool & the Gang, and many more in this video conference jam session. Is it Friday yet?