Wellness Digest #17: Zinc Benefits, Clary Sage Oil, and Great Photography

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Welcome to this week’s digest. From adding zinc to your healthy immune system toolkit to soothing (and short) guided meditations, I hope you find something helpful here for your mind-body health! Here’s this week’s list:


Getting enough zinc in your diet is really important to help maintain a healthy immune system and for overall cellular health. Oysters are packed with zinc but if that’s not your thing, here are some other great food sources. And here’s more information on zinc’s benefits and daily requirements.

And if someone you know has recently recovered from Covid-19, this information might be helpful to guide you as to when it’s safe to be in contact again.


I’ve only been to New Orleans once but still think about the amazing food and people. Here’s a delicious staple to try at home: New Orleans Red Beans and Rice.

It’s summer squash season! I love zucchini and feel like it’s time to move beyond just roasting them. Thank you Mark Bittman for sharing these great recipes. First on my list? Zucchini confit.


Anxiety is a part of life and especially during this moment in time. These five guided meditations investigate panic and anxiety. As with any guided meditation voice and vibe are key for connection and enjoyment, and it’s great that each speaker brings his/her own unique energy for you to choose from.

Clary Sage essential oil, native to the Mediterranean region, has many benefits, which include stress reduction, antibacterial properties, and aiding with hormonal balance for women. I’m a new fan and use it every day.


  1. On View:  Check out MoMA‘s Gordon Parks: Seeing Color in Black and White. Parks was hired as the first Black staff photographer for Life in February 1949, and MoMA’s recent acquisition of his works is incredible.
  2. Listen: The New York Times Magazine’sThe Decameron Project’ features new short stories from 29 authors writing on our current moment in history. Here are Tommy Orange and Edwige Danticat reading their works.
  3. Watch: The Office before it leaves Netflix. Somehow I missed it the first time around. It’s hilarious and a great diversion.

PC: Sophie Vintalouis’s Gardens of Versailles for Unsplash