Wellness Digest #18: Magnesium Benefits, Chocolate Snacks, and Bala Bangles

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Welcome to this week’s digest with new podcast recommendations, information about the all-important mineral magnesium, and delicious chocolate treats! Are you ready?  Here’s this week’s list:


Magnesium is a major mineral that you need for optimal health. Magnesium helps with anxiety and depression, headaches, digestion (it helps keeps things moving), and sleep. Find out more about the health benefits, different types of magnesium, and proper daily doses here.

I’ve been taking a magnesium citrate supplement every night for a few years now and it’s worked wonders for shifting gears and good sleep.

I’m always interested in which health issues Dr. Mark Hyman, a functional medicine pioneer, is focusing on. His podcast, The Doctor’s Farmacy, has a ton of great information. Here’s a live Q&A that covers topics including inflammation, PMS, and more.


I’ve been looking for a non-stick pan without harmful chemicals and finally found one from Green Pan. The company uses ceramic, a healthier alternative to Teflon, and comes in fun colors as well.

Remember when healthy snacks were limited to basic granola bars? The options now are almost overwhelming. I always look for ones with only a handful of ingredients and Undercover Chocolate Co. is a new favorite. Their Crispy Chocolate Quinoa snacks are delicious!


I’m not a big fan of weights in my workout but these 1-2 pound Bala Bangles are great. Slide them on your wrist or ankle and you can take your yoga practice, leg lifts, or daily walk to a new level.

Oh, and from squats to box jumps, here are 30 ways to tone your legs. 


  1. Create: Still looking for your puzzle fix?  Ordinary Habit is a company run by a mother/daughter team that commissions artists to produce puzzle works of art. They are anything but ordinary.
  2. Listen: Grammy winner, survivor, mini-skirt-wearing goddess. Who else could I be talking about but Tina Turner? Here’s a new remix of What’s Love Got to Do With It. (IMHO this new remix really hits its stride mid-song.) Enjoy!
  3. Cool App: Do you ever find yourself looking at a flower or tree and wishing you knew what it was? Then the picture this plant identifier app is for you! I just discovered I’ve got Rose of Sharon (a type of hibiscus) in my backyard!

Photo credit: Philipp Berndt