Wellness Digest #19: Oregano Oil, Pillows for Neck Pain, More Summer Books

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Welcome to this week’s digest. Are you getting enough sleep? This week learn about optimal sleep temperatures and pillows to help with neck pain. Plus oregano oil’s powerful antioxidant properties, foot pampering, and more. Are you ready? Here’s this week’s list:


We’re in unchartered territory with Covid-19 and still figuring out symptoms and how they manifest in different people. Loss of sense of smell is one symptom that we keep hearing about. Read more about why Covid-19 makes people lose their sense of smell.

Good sleep is essential for good health. Everyone has their perfect sleep temperature, but here’s what the experts think is best for deep sleep.


Oregano Oil is a powerful antioxidant, natural antibiotic, and might even improve your gut health. Find out more about this herb and how it might take your health to another level.

And don’t forget the dried version! Here are some light and delicious recipes from legendary chef Lidia Bastianich to help you get more oregano into your life: Oregano and Eggs and Lemony Shrimp Over Zucchini.


It’s the season of sandals and barefoot frolicking, but try to remember to take care of your feet at the end of the day. I’m a big fan of foot files to help transform sandpaper into baby soft feet. Here’s a list of eight solid contenders to choose from.  My personal favorite is the Earth Therapeutics diamond file.

Are you sleeping on the right pillow for your sleep position? Here’s an overview of what thickness you might need depending on if you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper. And here’s another list (with helpful photos) that does a deeper dive into materials from memory foam to buckwheat.


  1. Read: The 2020 Booker Prize longlist of fiction is out. Happy mid-summer reading!
  2. Send: The works of Ruth Asawa, a Japanese-American artist known for incredibly beautiful and intricate wire sculptures, will be featured on postage stamps available in August. Time to send that letter.
  3. Listen: Michelle Obama‘s new podcast — featuring none other than President Barack Obama as her first guest. Need I say more?

Photo Credit: detail from a Ruth Asawa wire sculpture from artist’s archive.