Wellness Digest #20: Blood Type, Lip Pampering, and Grounding Breath

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Welcome to this week’s digest — and to the month of August. This week we’re covering antioxidants, grounding breathwork, lip pampering, and more. Are you ready? Here’s this week’s list:


There’s been a lot of talk about which blood type might fare worse with Covid-19. In particular, blood type A Positive (my type!) was singled out. Here’s some research from Harvard Medical School that helps us put this speculation on the back burner.

Quercetin. It’s the antioxidant and antiviral flavonoid that although tricky to pronounce  (“kwer-suh-tin”) is incredibly healthy. Present in a wide range of fruits and vegetables, with large quantities found in apples and onions, it has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that make it a must for your immune-boosting toolkit.


Tacos are always a great crowd-pleaser. There are so many different ways to fill them that cater to omnivores, vegans, and anyone in between. Here are 15 taco toppings to give you some inspiration. 

Are you thinking about reducing your caffeine intake but can’t bear to give up coffee? Maybe decaf might be your sweet spot


As we’ve all been walking more, here’s a video from Yamuna Zake about the connection between our feet and our breath. Just under three minutes, it’s a simple breathing exercise that helps ground you and also gives you energy.

As many of us have put lipstick on hold because of mask-wearing, let’s not forget to take care of our lips. They may be hidden but still need a little pampering. Here are 19 lip balms to choose from. Personally, I love Smith’s Rosebud Salve (#19) and Aquaphor (#9) but might have to expand my repertoire!


  1. Read – Isabel Wilkerson’s new book “Caste: The Origins of our Discontents” is finally out and examines the subtle and sometimes painfully overt hierarchy that persists in our society.
  2. Listen: You’re Dead To MeFun history podcast with host Greg Jenner, who is part of the creative team behind the hilarious British show Horrible Histories.
  3. Armchair Travel: Here are five best day trips from London to add to your travel list. Oxford and Cambridge and Bath, oh my!

Thanks so much for reading!

Photo Credit: Aleksandra Khoroshykh