Wellness Digest #22: Cellular Health, Virtual Retreats, and More Summer Reads

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Welcome to this week’s digest. Find out how cellular health is key to longevity, low-impact yoga moves you can do at home and a special virtual retreat with Pema Chodron. Are you ready? Here’s this week’s list:

Gynecologist and nutrition expert Dr. Alyssa Dweck discusses how women age on a cellular level and which lifestyle choices and supplements can help us thrive. I love her discussion of a lifestyle diet vs. fad diets.

I’m always a little late to the game with mosquito season preparation. I’m sure many of you love summer nights as much as I do so I thought I would share a guide to not only treating but perhaps even preventing these dreaded bites.


So often the best meals are the most simple. What makes them great? Usually fresh ingredients like fresh herbs. For all the parsley and cilantro fans out there, here’s a fun (and funny!) kitchen hack video to help you remove the stems.

I’m always on the hunt for gluten-free pasta that doesn’t turn mushy and actually has a flavor profile. I’m adding Banza’s chickpea pasta to my rotation. It holds up well and tastes delicious.


With travel and large group gatherings currently on hold, Pema Chodron‘s upcoming September virtual weekend retreat might be the perfect way to kick-off the fall season. Theme: Welcoming the Unwelcome.

And if you want to start or add to your home yoga practice, here are four low-impact poses that will help with stress and overall relaxation.  


READ: My summer reading list just got longer with some of these suggestions from the editors and writers over at The Atlantic. Here are 11 more titles to add to your list!

EXPLORE: The MoMA Design Store is launching a women-focused pop-up shop.  Discover products that improve women’s daily lives.

GIVING BACK: Read about how doctors are writing prescriptions for free or deeply discounted bags of fresh produce to the chronically ill and underserved communities during the pandemic. Fresh produce Rx.

Thanks so much for reading!


Photo credit: Taylor Simpson