Wellness Digest #23: Power of Ginger, Help for Good Posture, and Breathable Masks

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Welcome to this week’s digest. As we hold our breath for hurricane season, I hope you enjoy diving into ways to improve your posture, getting more vitamin C, and the power of ginger and turmeric. Are you ready? Here’s this week’s list:


One of the big mysteries of Covid-19 is the amount of people who get it and are asymptomatic. Why do some people show symptoms while others seem to have a higher disease tolerance?

And as we all slowly start to widen our list of activities, what’s the verdict on going to the movies? Personally, this is the longest stretch I’ve gone without the big screen and I miss it dearly. That said, here’s some practical information to help you decide whether or not to go.


It’s important to keep fortifying your immune system with vitamin C in its many forms. Here are three ways to keep this antioxidant on hand with minimal effort.

Let’s keep the ‘immunity boosting’ theme going by adding the anti-inflammation powerhouses of ginger and turmeric into our diets. Here are some recipe ideas (including a great tonic), like this white miso, ginger, and turmeric dressing.


We’re zooming, FaceTiming, and scrolling a lot these days. It’s no wonder our necks ache and we’re slouching. Let’s get upright and pain-free with these three poses for better posture from Ballet Beautiful.

Then let’s work our way down from our necks to our shoulders, triceps, and biceps with this at-home workout.


LISTEN: Enjoy this podcast on the fearless African-American journalist Ida B. Wells, whose ideas a century ago are still relevant now. Though she died in 1931, this past Spring she received a Pulitzer in special citation and awards for her work on lynching and racism. Brought to you by NPR‘s United States of Anxiety.

SHOP: Apparently, when Uniqlo’s face masks hit the internet, their site crashed. Impressive. These cotton, breathable masks come in classic Uniqlo minimalist style (black or white), and are reusable. Good value as well.

ARMCHAIR TRAVEL: A trip to Japan is on my post-Covid bucket list. I’ve been keeping files and recommendations for a while and love this primer for first-time travelers from AFAR magazine.

Thanks so much for reading. xoS

Photo Credit: Ashley Whitlatch