Wellness Digest #25: Food is Medicine, Headache Remedies, and September Books

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Welcome to this week’s digest. The ‘Back-to-School’ (well, sort-of) energy is in full force. Time to get energized and organized. Do you have a major goal for Fall? Big or small, our goals matter. They drive and inspire us. I’d love to know and perhaps share with the community! (Just hit reply!) Let’s dive into this week’s list:


Headaches are an occasional nuisance for some and absolute torture for others. They are not all created equal. If you find yourself suffering from them, your particular headache symptoms might be trying to tell you something.

Walking is great exercise and for many, like myself, so meditative. (And, excellent podcast listening time.) However, if you’re going to be adventurous and explore more rustic terrain, please be mindful of ticks. Let’s all earn the basics of how to remove them.


When you start pulling together your “food is medicine” Fall toolkit, don’t forget garlic. It’s anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity, and good for cardiovascular health. Why? The organic sulfur compound allicin. Find out more about how garlic can boost your health. And don’t forget to store in a cool, dark place — not the refrigerator.  

And here’s a recipe for a delicious garlic spinach soup to add to your repertoire. For vegetarians: swap out chicken for silky tofu and use vegetable stock instead. Experiment and have fun!


We’re all slowly easing back out into the world, but when you come home, nothing beats leaving the germs at the door and putting on some fabulous slippers. Here’s a fun list with many varieties. Personally, #7 the Sollbeam is on my list.

If you’ve been to a Korean spa, you have probably experienced being exfoliated to within an inch of your life. Relaxing? No. The softest skin of your life? Big yes. We will have to wait for in-person treatments like this, but in the meantime, here are some exfoliating nylon bath cloths that will probably do the trick.


Art: The September cover of Vogue features artwork by Jordan Casteel and Kerry James Marshall. These two artists create incredible work and this cover does not disappoint.

Read: Here is the September 2020 Indie Next List from Bookshop. Can’t wait to read Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa GyasiHere’s an interview with her on NPR.

Vote/Merchandise: Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote initiative is all about mobilizing and sharing information. They just launched some great t-shirts and other fun merch!

Thanks so much for reading!


Photo Credit: Fabio Tura