Wellness Digest #30: Alzheimer’s Prevention, Buddha Bowls, and The Myth of Multitasking

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Welcome to this week’s digest. Today is a special day. My daughter is officially 13 years old. She is a true little treasure. I could go on and on about the passage of time. (sigh) It’s both exciting and truly humbling. And it reminds me that in the midst of a moment in history like no other let’s not forget to try to stay in the moment for celebrations both big (there’s a teenager in my house!) and small (The Crown‘s next season drops on Netflix, Nov.15th!) Huzzah! Here’s this week’s list:


Lowering your sugar intake is one of the best things that you can do for your health. If you need more convincing, here’s some information about sugar intake in relation to Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s advice always soothes me. He shared some new Covid-19 vaccine updates and insights with Michael Specter from the New Yorker at the 2020 New Yorker Festival. Here’s a 12- minute excerpt from their hourlong interview.


Tired of the usual steamed broccoli side for dinner? Me too. Okay, here are forty-five (yes, 45!) ideas to check out to help you put a twist on all things green. I found a new Budda bowl recipe with kale, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas that looks delicious.

Oh, and don’t forget your green sea vegetables like kelp. Full of iodine, calcium, zinc, and other antioxidants, kelp is a powerful addition to your diet. Find out more about why it’s so good for you. Personally, I like kelp flakes from Marine Coast because it’s easy to just shake on rice, noodles, or other vegetables.


And for those of you who might be feeling overwhelmed by an endless “to-do” list, the well-known author and Insight Meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg‘s The Myth of Multitasking is for you. (Well, it’s really for everyone, isn’t it?) Love her tips for “getting work done well without getting worked up.”

Is your hair feeling fatigued with the weather change? There are a million great deep conditioners out there (a personal favorite is Christophe Robin’s Prickly Pear) but let’s take one step back and start with essential oils before we shampoo and condition. There’s a double benefit: calming your mood and adding luster to your hair.


Watch: Here’s a list of 9 female-directed films for Fall 2020. Nomadland with Frances McDormand is on my list

Read: Check out the 25 books selected for the 2020 National Book Awards finalists!

Art: Simone Leigh will be the first female African-American artist to represent the US at the Venice Biennale. Her monumental sculptures of women are truly breathtaking. Here’s her work, Brick House, from NYC’s High Line.

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Photo credit: Chris Lee