Wellness Digest #34: New Covid Vaccine, Adaptogens for Stress, and Sheet Masks

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Wellness Digest – November 12, 2020

Welcome to this week’s digest. Okay. The election is over (well, sort of), and I think I can speak for most of us when I say that the week was a rollercoaster of agonizing stress, bewilderment, ecstatic joy, and, ultimately, hope. As we look forward to less chaos and more empathy, let’s not forget that this level of stress we’ve all endured does not magically disappear. It’s time to double down on self-care and I hope you find some tools below to help you shift gears. Here’s this week’s list!


The other big news this week was the new Covid-19 vaccine from BioNTech and Pfizer. With a 90% success rate, it’s a major breakthrough. Though exciting news, there are some issues around this particular vaccine as it requires cold-chain storage, which means it needs to be stored at minus 70 degrees celsius.

As you can imagine, this will be tricky for many countries. However, we’re hopeful that this is the first of several vaccine options to roll out.

On a different note, after finally finding a new dentist here in New York, I wanted to share with you some new oral health products for flossing and overall dental care. (Personally, I’m still a loyal fan of Dr. Tung’s tongue cleaner.)


Adaptogens are herbs and mushrooms that boost energy and help fight stress. They can help calm areas of your brain and pituitary gland, and even decrease cortisol output from your adrenal glands. I’ve written before about them and their benefits and I’m a big fan of adding maca powder to smoothies for both energy and hormone balancing. Find out more about adaptogens here.

A new addition to my beverage rotation is Golde’s Cacao Turmeric Superfood Latte Blend. It’s a great way to get your hot chocolate fix with a little nutritional superpower boost.  


Stress can really wreak havoc on your skin. The mind/body connection is strong and so often our outward appearance can signal internal stress. Hydration is always a great start for stressed-out skin. Dr. Jart+’s Vital Hydra Solution mask is packed with hyaluronic acid and algae extract, which boosts collagen and moisture. And, there are no harmful parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.

Here’s more of the Dr. Jart+ collection to help other skin issues. And don’t forget excellent drugstore cleansers for sensitive skin like CeraVe, Avène, and Cetaphil.

Take some time to listen to Dr. Rick Hanson on his Being Well podcast, Relaxing anxiety during Stressful Times.” Dr. Hanson is a psychologist and a Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley. He’s also the author of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love and Wisdom, among many other books on personal healing and psychological growth. This conversation is thoughtful with practical steps to help you stay in the moment and manage difficult emotions.


Look: Here’s the Instagram account of the New York Times, T Magazine. It’s filled with design, culture, fashion, and never fails to inspire.

Plan: I’m old school and still use a paper planner each year. I just ordered my 2021 planner from the woman-owned company, Appointed. Beautiful products to help you get organized, write down your thoughts, and just enjoy good design.

Thanks so much for reading!


Photo credit: Maarten Deckers for Unsplash