Wellness Digest #39: Covid At-Home Tests, Japanese Sweet Potatoes, and Tina Turner

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Wellness Digest – December 17, 2020

Welcome to this week’s digest. I’ll be taking the next couple of weeks off to enjoy the holiday season and work on a new product for MindBody360 that I’m really excited about and hope you will be too! Thank you for showing up each week. This year was (insert any number of spicy adjectives here), but we made it through! We’re still hopeful, and always grateful. Here’s to 2021! Much love to you all. Here’s this week’s list:


Each week we get more exciting developments on Covid-19 vaccines, and this week we got some equally great news about expanded Covid testing. Ellume’s at-home test kit just got FDA approval and will be in drugstores in early 2021. The accuracy rate is pretty impressive with tests correctly identifying 96% of positive samples and 100% of negative samples in individuals with symptoms. Expect more companies to follow suit! Find out more here.

Feeling bloated is never fun. Suspect foods and hormonal changes are typically the culprit and at some point, normalcy returns. If you find that you’re experiencing episodes of chronic bloating, here are some warning signs you shouldn’t ignore.


I really don’t discriminate against potatoes. I love sweet potatoes, yukon gold, and all in between, but my new favorite is Japanese sweet potatoes. They are red/purplish in color on the outside with a light yellow color inside. The flavor is a little sweeter with an incredibly creamy texture. Here’s a great introduction to them, plus where to buy and how to cook.

And if you were wondering about the health benefits of potatoes in general, check this out. Spoiler alert: they’re super healthy.

Couldn’t resist adding a few more sweet potato recipes from Bon Appetit. They really are nature’s candy.


I found this great guide, from the Recomendo newsletter, that expands the concept of self-care beyond pampering and meditation. It’s a fun yet poignant infographic that includes emotional, social, work, and financial self-care. Have a look!

And when you think of yoga, don’t forget your voice. Yoga is typically associated with minimal sounds, but there’s something very healing and invigorating when you incorporate your voice. Here’s a guide to Vocal Yoga.


Read: I love Tina Turner. Her personal history inspires me and I love that her new book Happiness Becomes You delves deeper into the way her spirituality (she’s been practicing Buddhism for decades) has helped her on her journey. This book is about overcoming obstacles by tapping into the core strength that we all have.

Design: Chances are you have a product designed by the famous German designer, Dieter Rams. (In my house, we are huge BRAUN alarm clock fans.) He is known for his “10 Principles of Good Design,” with my favorite being: Less but better. The art publisher Phaidon just launched a beautiful catalog of his work, if you’re looking for a last-minute gift. Perhaps even one for yourself!

Thanks so much for reading! Until next year!