Wellness Digest #41: Double Masking, Healthy Pancakes, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Clean Fragrance

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Photo: Joanna Kosinka on Unsplash

Wellness Digest – January 21, 2021

Welcome to this week’s digest! Listening to Amanda Gorman’s electrifying delivery of her poem, “The Hill We Climb,” at President Biden’s Inauguration yesterday was nothing short of transcendent. Her powerful words on unity and coming together as a country took everyone’s breath away. Here’s the last line of the poem, “For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it.” Let’s keep this energy going. Here’s this week’s list:


Urinary tract infections (UTIs) happen when there is an infection in your bladder, kidneys, ureters, or urethra (the tube that goes from your bladder to outside your body). They are often caused by e.coli bacteria and affect men and women differently. Women are 50% more likely to get UTIs than men. Find out more about risk factors and prevention here.

Are you double masking? A lot of people have started to add an extra layer of protection to their mask-wearing strategy by either inserting tissues, coffee filters or just layering two masks. Is it helping to prevent Covid?


Making pancakes from scratch can seem time-consuming and definitely goes into the “weekend breakfast” bucket in our house. These Banana Oat Weekday Pancakes might shake things up though. This recipe is low maintenance. (Read: no sifting, etc.) Mondays just became more interesting.

And let’s not forget how much nutritional street cred oats bring to the table. Packed with soluble fiber, they increase satiety and slow our digestion. Also great for lowering cholesterol. Find out more and also why whole oats give you extra-added health benefits.


With the start of a new year, a lot of us are crafting to-do lists and setting goals. We start with excitement but so often our lists can become like boulders. One way to pull back is to be realistic about what you can do. Also, here’s a small hack to try out: instead of saying “I have to” substitute that with “I get to.” Read more about this small but powerful shift. 

This conversation between Brene Brown and Sonya Renee Taylor on radical self-love, body acceptance, and social justice is so thought-provoking. Taylor’s book, “The Body is Not An Apology,” explores the different ways in which we as women give up our sovereignty and also important ways in which to regain our sense of self-worth.


Scent: I recently tried Michelle Pfeiffer’s new “clean fragrance” brand Henry Rose. No harsh chemicals, sustainably-made, and EWG (Environmental Working Group) approved. And they are gorgeous. Fragrance is an investment. What I love is that they offer a discovery set in either “Fresh” or “Rich” to sample and see what works for you. Thank you, Michelle!

Watch: The show, Lupin, on Netflix. Starring the always charismatic French actor Omar Sy, the show is about a “gentleman thief,” family dynamics, old scores to settle, and, of course, a healthy dose of Parisian scenery thrown in. So good.

Thanks so much for reading!